Nothing’s Going to Rain on My Parade (or my Vacation!)

In the fall of 2019, Melissa and some college friends had a trip planned to Sea Island, GA. Initially, the weather looked perfect- still warm enough to enjoy the outdoors, but not too warm for a southern Georgia seaside destination. Then, low and behold the week of the trip, they were calling for Tropical Storm Nestor to go from the Gulf of Mexico, all the way across the top of Florida, then up the eastern seaboard. The text group was blowing up with prediction maps and questions of “what do we do”?! We decided to stay the course and go on the trip, whatever the weather, we just wanted to enjoy being together. We made some adjustments to our plans- adding in spa appointments for that Saturday morning when the weather was supposed to be the worst, and changing an outdoor brunch spot from Saturday to Sunday when the weather looked a little better. It ended up being a really great, quick trip, and we were so glad we went. In the end, it was best for us to reset our expectations for what the scenery would look like (the wind was pretty intense!), and focus on the things we could enjoy and have control over like great massages, amazing food, and all the laughs with longtime friends! 

Depending on the destination and time of year, no one expects rain on their vacation. You plan your trip thinking that it will be sunshine and rainbows, and that you’ll be able to walk everywhere and eat on all the patios. While we always hope for perfect weather, being “Type A”, we always try to be prepared for when things don’t go as planned. Nothing is more frustrating than being caught off guard by rain and then spending precious time researching and diverting plans. Here are some rainy day tips to have on hand when the forecast calls for rain.

Things to take if the weather person (or phone app!) says there may be a chance of rain:

  • Lightweight rain jacket- this won’t take up too much room in your bag & if you need it, you’ll be thanking yourself!
  • Small collapsible umbrella- the small amount of space that this takes up in your bag will be well worth it if it ends up raining

Activities for rainy vacation days:

  • Museums
    • The days of dusty boring museums are no more! You can now find some really cool museums in most major cities and metro areas. Museums aren’t just for kids either! There are some really cool science centers, many with animals on exhibit.
  • Art Galleries
    • Check out the local art galleries in the area, especially if you are in an area near a college or university. Even if you have been in the past, a lot of galleries have rotating installations and exhibits so you may catch something new!
  • Movies & Theaters
    • While this may seem ‘basic’ for your vacation, the in dining movie theaters have gotten really fancy so this could be a fun lunch/indoor activity combo. Also in the world of renovation a lot of cities have revamped an old theater so check and see if there is one where you are going. They are usually pretty cool! 
  • Barcades & Bowling Alleys
    • Easy way to kill time & have fun. Barcade type businesses are popping up everywhere so there is a good chance there is one where you are going. Most have a kitchen & serve food so could do lunch or dinner there while entertaining your travel group!

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