Timing is everything: What to do when your hotel check-out and flight times don’t exactly line up. On one of my recent trips, my husband & I were in Nashville and our hotel check out time was noon & our flight wasn’t until 9pm so we had a lottttt of time to kill. We were […]

It is rare that everything goes absolutely perfect when you travel by plane. When you add in other people like Uber drivers, pilots, flight attendants, TSA, and other airport personnel, you add in a whole lot of new factors! And, particularly in the cold months of winter and the hot months of summer you have […]

To state the obvious, after the last 2 years, everyone is ready for a vacation. EVERYONE. So with the anticipation of a trip on top of potentially combining multiple family groups, the stakes are high. Even if you are traveling with just your nuclear family, existing outside of your bubble can be a challenge!  Summer […]

I recently had a session with my therapist where I brought up this recent need to rest or just to be at home without plans or the need to be busy doing something. That is SO not like me and it actually bothered me enough to schedule this appointment. She said that right now productivity […]

In the fall of 2019, Melissa and some college friends had a trip planned to Sea Island, GA. Initially, the weather looked perfect- still warm enough to enjoy the outdoors, but not too warm for a southern Georgia seaside destination. Then, low and behold the week of the trip, they were calling for Tropical Storm […]